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Authentic Localization. Outcome Driven : the #1 localization partner for results-driven Global eLearning

At the heart of a Global eLearning strategy is the localization process – the bridge across borders and the prime connection to the world-wide audience of on-line learners.

Is there a difference between translating content and truly localizing it? To Global eLearning , it is a chasm much deeper and riskier than most language companies care to admit. The outcomes of localized content – relevancy and comprehension – are only achieved through authentic localization. For the goal of lasting performance, we believe that the localized eLearning module must also be engaging.

Global eLearning has the specific tools and resources needed to localize eLearning content with an eye on true engagement of your audience. Commensurate with our client’s strategic outcomes, we adapt our process and our resources of voice artists, localization experts, A/V engineers, instructional designers, and project managers to produce a product appropriate for your

How Global eLearning stands above the competition in delivering localized eLearning content.

Global eLearning : the #1 localization partner for eLearning content developers … Why?


Deep experience in over 50 languages – including the complexities of certain languages like Arabic and Thai. Authoring Tools: Storyline, Captivate, Presenter, GoAnimate, and Lectora. Learning Tools: Games, animation, film, and software. Yes, we do all of these too.


Knowledge breeds efficiency. We offer the industry’s fastest project turnaround + 100% on-time delivery + our popular industry guarantee of RFT (Right First Time). How many times has your localization project stalled because of sending “finished” files back to the vendor? Time really is money.


The beauty of the new learning tools -- video, gamification, animation, story interactivity – is that no off-the-shelf process can capture the many variables that differentiate eLearning content. We appreciate the uniqueness of instructional content and adapt within the localization process (transcreation, layered QA, etc.) to provide remarkable products in new target languages.

Authentic Localization

Sometimes lost in the translation process is the important step of localizing the content so that humor, idioms, story-telling, and visual/image references are truly captured in the new language. Like English speakers, an audience of Russian or Chinese or Portuguese speakers want to be engaged and directed toward certain emotional responses in order to learn and retain information.


We offer FFP (firm fixed price) quotes … period. No “uh ohs”, “we forgot …”, or “we didn’t realize …”

Security & Confidentiality

Many clients trust us with proprietary content – in some cases, their secret sauce. We protect this information through secure portals and encryption where necessary.


The best translations and voice recordings are worth nothing if the components aren’t synchronized within slides to look and perform as professional as (or better than) the source.

Voice Talent

Studio quality voice recordings from the best talent on earth is our signature service. Yet, we can also provide non-studio recordings or even computer-generated voice for clients with limited budgets.

Finally, we simply love the work! Authoring tools, voice talents, translators, animation, film, and engineering – this is the cool stuff we get to do everyday.

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