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Localization is a the very start an effort to customize content to the individual and their culture – it’s a highly personalized approach to match content with learner’s language skills.  Find out more on how online learning is more engaging to students!

Driving Student Engagement
with Localization & Cognitive Load

Download this Free Guide now to learn how you can drive student engagement with localization and cognitive load.  You’ll learn why these theories are important and how they are intertwined.

This free guide will also discuss the 3 types of cognitive load, namely:

  • Intrinsic
  • Germane
  • Extraneous

And we will discuss how these 3 types of cognitive load impact your localization efforts.

You’ll get a better understanding of why and how games are more portable across cultures.   We’ll also discuss how video can improve engagement and extend retention.

In this Free Guide, we will also provide the 4 change components for instructional content that lead to better outcomes, improve localization efforts, and reduce costs.

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