Engineering / Synchronization

Even with excellence in transcription, translation, and voice talent, a localized eLearning Module must be engineered correctly so that the timing of audio and visual components within each slide – including special effects – is in sync with the new language.

We know that learners around the world behave the same as their English counterparts. They are turned off and stop engaging in the content if:

  • The voice is poor quality, non-energetic, or the wrong dialect
  • Voice content does not match (timing) visual content – low-quality presentation
  • Images and graphics are culturally inappropriate – offensive or irrelevant

“Garbage in → Garbage out”…

Some argue that localized elearning content can only be as engaging as the source content. We believe differently. Yes, starting with good source content really helps, but each language can be better or worse than the original for a number of reasons. For each language, we have the opportunity and challenge of retelling the story. How well we tell the story can be described by looking at three attributes of the course – Technical Issues, Purpose/Meaning, and Engagement.


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