Video Editing & Subtitling

Multi-media content has rapidly ascended as the preferred tool of learning. Some have projected that 80% of global internet bandwidth will be consumed by video content by 2020. The options and/or mechanics for localizing video normally utilize one or several techniques. Global eLearning will perform any of the necessary modifications listed below to create a superlative final A/V product.

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Global eLearning : the #1 localization partner for eLearning content developers … Why?


Modify film to synchronize a new voice recording, overlay new audio recordings, and integrate recordings within new layouts.


Outstanding options for study-quality voice talent in over 100 languages, or opt for cost-saving alternatives in voice recordings.


In some situations, it is better to apply subtitles to the multi-media presentation instead of recording a voice-over. Global eLearning can easily provide foreign language subtitles to any media format.


The best translations and voice recordings are worth nothing if the components aren’t synchronized within slides to look and perform as professional as (or better than) the source.


Never forget … the first step in all A/V localization projects is getting an accurate transcript of the source voice content.

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