Conferences or webinar interpreters are selected from the vast network of Global eLearning  linguists.  A “match” is someone who meets our client’s requirements on language pair, subject matter expertise, consecutive vs. simultaneous experience, and availability for location and event hours.

As a reminder for budgeting, most all-day conference situations involve a team of two interpreters to accomplish the uninterrupted work of interpreting.

Question? Are you providing the best social environment for attendees whose language is not native to the location? We often provide interpreters to assist guests with tours and social functions where language may be a barrier to enjoying the entire experience of attending a conference.

Conference Equipment

With all simultaneous interpreting assignments and even some consecutive assignments, a control booth for audio equipment is setup and then headsets given to every participant requiring interpreting services. Global eLearning organizes equipment for many of our client’s events – independent of location.


When a webinar’s target audience consists of multiple native languages, interpreters are able to simultaneously deliver the message in the language the audience will understand.

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