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Localization and Learning

A tremendous dis-service occurs when translation companies strictly translate text from eLearning content and consider this “localization”. So much of learning content is multimedia, so without a cultural evaluation of the photos, animation, and videos, the content in the target culture could be mis-interpreted, misunderstood or lost entirely. In addition, hundreds of hours are spent on the engagement design and interactivity of the original (source) eLearning module. Yet, has anyone thought even 15 minutes as to the engagement of the content for another culture? Global eLearning thinks about engagement before we localize the content – we ask an in-country learning expert to review the content and list any visual or textual content that will need replacement or transcreation in the localization process.

“We really appreciate your team’s hard work and being so responsive … The feedback from our reviewers were wonderful, specifically, our Chinese reviewers had no edits at all and said it was awesome work. Your entire team is really appreciated!” – Chia-Hui, Program Manager, global e-commerce company

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The Localization Process

Recommendations are brought to the client before the real investment money is spent. To assure that the multi-cultural versions are completed professionally, here is a simple look at the back-end of Global eLearning’s Authentic Localization process:

  • Final linguistic review by an in-country Learning expert
  • Final program and interactivity review by the Global eLearning Project Manager
  • Final technical review by a localization engineer to assure functionality of final version

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