Translation & Transcreation

Digital media translation remains the most critical component in the eLearning localization process. Global eLearning has a compelling 15-year history in understanding the speed, thoroughness, security, and integration of commercial and/or government requirements in translation.

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Part 1: Deciding Between Man and Machine

Before we examine the advantages of humans vs. machines for speech, we should ask why we are adding speech to our eLearning content, to begin with. This is a two-part article; first focusing on the well-established Human Voice Over [VO] and the relatively new Text To Speech [TTS] systems. We cover the pros and cons of each method and advances in the field.

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Part 2: Enhancing eLearning With TTS Technology

In Man Vs. Machine For Voice Over In eLearning, Part 1 , we explored the need for voice actors and why they do best when presented with directions and scripts that have real guidance. In part 2 of this series, we’ll explore how TTS technology can enhance eLearning initiatives.

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