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Jacob Martinez

Jacob Martinez

Sales Associate



I recently graduated from Liberty University with a degree in International Relations and a minor in Biblical Studies. With a vast experience in cross cultural engagement, I have seen and experienced language barriers and know first hand the problem it causes.

Why I Love My Job

I consider the service Compass Languages provides to be much greater than myself. Everyday I play a part in people all around the world being able to learn, and understand something they did not have the opportunity to before we intervened.

What I Do Extra for Clients

I will recognize our clients as humans and treat them as such. Not considering what they offer to Compass, but truly who they are and the fact that I have the opportunity to serve them and care about their needs and wants. I also will strive to always be available for them.

Community and Global Service I Respect

I have been a part of many international missions trips, while continuing to pursue these opportunities when they arise. I have been able to spend a cumulation of 9 months in different parts of Africa providing clean water and working with businesses to promote job creation.

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