Why Choose Global

Global eLearning was launched with the goal of providing Authentic Localization™ services to the Learning & Development industry.  As a Compass Languages company, Global eLearning has over a solid foundation and over 15 years of experience in the Language Service industry.   During that time, we have completed over 20,000 language service projects involving over 200 languages and dialects.

What makes Global eLearning truly unique is our specialization in learning and development localization services.  We are not a generalist.  We recognize that over 90% of people prefer to learn in their native tongue.  In addition, when training is converted/translated into the language of the target audience, compliance and adoption rates increase by up to 70%.  Global eLearning stands alone as the only company to be exclusively focused on providing translation and localization services for learning & development.

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eLearning Localization: Enhancing Outcomes

Why Choose Global? Global eLearning was launched with the goal of providing Authentic Localization services to the Learning & Development industry

Global eLearning : the #1 localization partner for eLearning content developers … Why?

Mission Statement

To provide Authentic Localization™ to global organizations by helping them achieve their desired learning outcomes across all cultures.

Moral Compass

Global eLearning has a strong moral compass that guides our personal and professional conduct. To us, this means demonstrating ethical behavior at all times with integrity, honesty, and respect. This compass guides our conduct and collaboration with each other, our service to clients, our families, and all those in our global community. We recognize that our business provides us with a unique ability to impact lives, across the globe, and we take this responsibility very seriously.

Core Values

> Integrity
> Service
> Collaboration
> Enthusiasm
> Respect

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