Client Portal

Many of the clients we serve have multiple Points of Contacts (POCs) within their organization. These POCs may have multiple projects and/or require different services. For these organizations, Global eLearning has developed a proprietary Client Portal that serves as a dashboard for preparing quote requests, displaying present and past language projects, and maintaining information on all projects and the individuals involved in them. The portal assures alignment of projects across all departments, keeps track of budgets, project status, file management and provides a library of past projects.


  • High security Portal that utilizes the best protocols offered by AWS
  • Every Project defined by file name, file description, client POC, Global eLearning POC, Languages, Start Date, Delivery Date, Price
  • Status of every project updated daily
  • Information on delivered projects is instantly accessible for period of 12 months
  • All delivered files are stored within Portal for instant retrieval for period of 12 months
  • Portal also provides an easy and convenient process for new Project Quote Requests
  • Individual credentials (limited) for individual requestors + global Admin licenses available
  • Features of advanced Portal include cumulative spend and language statistics

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