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Luciano Cantarini

Luciano Cantarini

Project Manager



Education: National University of Córdoba (Argentina)
2 years as Project Manager

Why I Love My Job

I love my job since it allows me to take advantage of my people skills. Being a PM means being in contact with all the different parties in the translation industry and I love communication. You need to negotiate rates and deadlines, keep everyone up to date regarding project status and sometimes reach an agreement when there are different views on certain matter. Another advantage of being a PM is that every project is different, so you never get bored and you are learning all the time.

What I Do Extra for Clients

What do they need me to do? I listen carefully to our clients’ needs and try to adapt our way of working to those specific needs. I am also very concerned with quality and I like to be sure everything is perfect before delivering a project.

Community and Global Service I Respect

People who help refugees find peace and stability. I believe it is quite hard having to leave one’s homeland unwillingly and even harder if the host country refuses to help you settle and threatens to send you back to the horrors from which you escaped.

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