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Localization for Companies on the World Stage

#1 localization partner for results-driven global learning content

eLearning Localization, Translation & Transcription Services

At Global eLearning, we strive to be the number-one localization partner for global learning content. We understand the growing need for a language services provider with specific expertise in the learning and development industry. While you could stick to old translation practices, those methods just don’t work when companies need to produce exciting new content with a quick turnaround time. Global eLearning is here to help you think globally when it comes to your business. We have a proven track record of helping companies make a more significant global impact through multi-lingual content. Learn more about what we have to offer.

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A Plethora of Localization Services

Localization is second nature to the team at Global eLearning. Not only are we well-versed on all the ins and outs of adapting content for new markets, but we’re industry leaders. No matter the content you need localized, Global eLearning has you covered. Here are some of our specialties:

eLearning Localization: Take your learning and development software to exciting new places! Perhaps you’d like to train some new employees in their native language of Hindi, or maybe you’d like to make your materials more accessible to someone with Nigerian heritage. Whatever the plan for your company, we can ensure you have the learning materials to foster success.

Software Localization: Nothing’s more frustrating than opening a program and finding that it’s only available in another language. Global eLearning will adapt your software to whatever language and culture you need to accommodate.

Video Localization: Video is the new king of content. But that doesn’t mean much if you can’t understand what the video has to say. Our highly-trained professionals can make your videos work in any language through dubbing and subtitles.

Website Localization: Without a proper website, you can hardly expect your audience to know about your products and services. Make sure your online content is adapted to any overseas market. Our team will change your website according to language, cultural norms, and more to cater to any new audience.

“I would like to thank everyone at Global eLearning for being so responsive and helpful with our many questions…thanks for being a partner and appreciating the need for timely responses!” – DONNA – Senior Program Manager, iJet

“It is great to have a partner like Compass that I can rely on to meet every deadline, work without fuss and deliver a quality product.” – MIKE MNICH – President, CV Media

Translation Experts in Over 200 Languages

Translation is much more than just adapting words one by one. Languages have all kinds of complex rules and nuances that need to be accounted for as content is adjusted. Fortunately, the team at Global eLearning can take on any translation challenge. We have experience with over 200 languages—that means creating an Indonesian or Italian version of your website will be a breeze!

Voice-Over Talent in More than 100 Languages

Make your content even more accessible with text-to-speech capabilities and voice-over. We work with talented voice actors with native fluency in nearly any language you could want. In fact, our full catalog of voice-over talent includes proficiency in over 100 languages. This wide range of expertise is what makes our text-to-speech and transcription services a top choice across the world.

Make Your Videos Accessible in Multiple Languages

Have you ever wanted to watch content in another language, only to find the video lacks subtitles? Don’t find yourself on the wrong side of this situation. Our team can handle subtitling projects large and small in over 100 languages. We take care of every step, from the initial transcription through synchronization. Soon enough, your video content will be watchable by people across the world.

Complete Your Content with Multimedia Engineering

So, you have all the localization work taken care of. What next? Ensure that your content is presented properly with professional multimedia engineering. No matter the quality of your translations and subtitles, your audience won’t find value in the content if it’s not synced correctly. Allow our seasoned team to take care of all the formatting for your audio and video files.

Second-to-None Authoring Tools

At Global eLearning, we work with numerous custom authoring tools designed to give you the content you need. These tools can provide voice, captions, subtitles, and much more for your learning and development content. We can take on any language, no matter its complexity. Languages that write right-to-left, such as Arabic, and languages that use unique scripts, such as Armenian, are all within our capabilities.

All-Inclusive Testing Capabilities

How can you know if your localized training modules are successful? With Global eLearning’s test and certification delivery system, you can gather data on user comprehension. Using our advanced systems, you can create all kinds of multimedia test preparation material to help your learners better understand the content. Our software comes fully-equipped with reporting tools, multiple question types, and high volume capability.

Global eLearning: The #1 Localization Partner for Elearning Content Developers … Why?


Deep experience in over 50 languages – including the complexities of certain languages like Arabic and Thai. Authoring Tools: Storyline, Captivate, Articulate Rise, Articulate 360, Vyond, and Camtasia; Learning Tools: Games, animation, film, and software … yes, we do all of these.


Knowledge breeds efficiency. We offer the industry’s fastest project turnaround + 100% on-time delivery + our popular industry guarantee of RFT (Right First Time). How many times has your localization project stalled because of sending “finished” files back to the vendor? Time really is money.


The beauty of the new learning tools -- video, gamification, animation, story interactivity – is that no off-the-shelf process can capture the many variables that differentiate eLearning content. We appreciate the uniqueness of instructional content and adapt within the localization process (transcreation, layered QA, etc.) to provide remarkable products in new target languages.

Authentic Localization™

Sometimes lost in the translation process is the important step of localizing the content so that humor, idioms, story-telling, and visual/image references are truly captured in the new language. Like English speakers, an audience of Russian or Chinese or Portuguese speakers want to be engaged and directed toward certain emotional responses in order to learn and retain information.


We offer Fixed Firm Price (FFP) quotes and Right First Time (RFT) content localization. Client outcomes are preeminent in determining the costs involved in achieving these outcomes.

Data Security

Many clients trust us with proprietary content – in some cases, their secret sauce. We protect this information through secure portals and encryption where necessary.


The best translations and voice recordings are worth nothing if the components aren’t synchronized within slides to look and perform as professional as (or better than) the source.

Voice Talent

Studio quality voice recordings from the best talent on earth is our signature service. Yet, we can also provide non-studio recordings or even computer-generated voice for clients with limited budgets.

Finally, we simply love the work! Authoring tools, voice talents, translators, animation, film, and engineering – this is the cool stuff we get to do every day.

Stepping onto the world stage is daunting. However, you can make the move much smoother with expertly-localized content. As you move operations to Thailand, Turkey, or France, make sure your materials are all available in those languages. Not only does localization make access to your products and services much easier, but it also shows you care about the native language and culture. Why wait? Get in touch with Global eLearning to learn more about our suite of services for global businesses.

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