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A Guide to eLearning Localization

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eLearning Localization

Let us translate your eLearning content to reach your target market.

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Providing voice over, dubbing, subtitles, lip sync in over 250 languages.

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What Makes Global eLearning Different?

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01 Localization Services for Learning & Development

At the heart of a global eLearning strategy is the localization process – the knowledge bridge across borders and the prime connection to the world-wide audience of on-line learners and trainees. There are very few companies as competent and focused upon the initiatives of Learning & Development as Global eLearning. Our localization services provide a wide variety of training components within the industry — translation, transcreation, voice, subtitles, multi-media engineering, and video adaptations – with specific tools and applications for eLearning, micro eLearning, and video presentations.

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02 Authentic Localization™

No other language service company has spent so much time engineering the process of eLearning localization as Global eLearning. Our unique Authentic Localization™ process is designed to drive down costs, create efficiencies in turnaround, and increase user engagement – concepts we found to be lacking in most localization efforts. Our in-country learning experts provide critical input to clients who want their training and learning development projects to be acceptable and engaging in the new language.

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03 Outcome Driven

Global eLearning believes that localization should be Outcome Driven. We understand that many of our clients have limited training and development resources. They want to maximize their dollars for measurable results. We believe the best localization efforts typically ‘begin with the end in mind.’ This approach begins by evaluating the underlying message or goal of the source content. What message is intended? Will translation enhance or distract from the message. How can the message be properly conveyed in the new language?

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04 Agile & Responsive Translation Services

Many translation and localization companies claim to listen, to be responsive, and to exhibit agility in customizing a solution to the client’s real situation. Has this been your experience? Find out how Global eLearning implements its core value of genuine service in a way that makes you believe in the words agile and responsive again.

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The Localization Process

Recommendations are brought to the client before the real investment money is spent. To assure that the multi-cultural versions are completed professionally, here is a simple look at the back-end of Global eLearning’s Authentic Localization process:

  • Final linguistic review by an in-country Learning expert
  • Final program and interactivity review by the Global eLearning Project Manager
  • Final technical review by a localization engineer to assure functionality of final version



What Clients Say

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Annapolis, MD 21401