Our Focus

Simply stated, Global eLearning specializes in serving one industry – Learning & Development.  This specialization is unique!  We have listened to many Chief Learning Officers, Learning Directors, and Instructional Designers who have explained over the years their requirements of terminology, SME contribution, interactivity integrity,  authoring tool nuances, LMS functionalities, time pressures, internal reviewer buy-off, and many other factors specific to the L&D industry. Our focus is purely providing the best-in-class localization services so that all of this hard work can be presented on a global stage to a global learner.

This intense focus has generated a network of resources unmatched by any other company:

  • Authoring Tool competencies for translation, layout, and synchronization
  • Voice-over capabilities in both human studio and Text-to-Speech (TTS) software
  • Video editing capabilities with voiceover, subtitles, and language expansion solutions
  • Engineering efficiencies to assure the industry’s fastest turnaround time
  • A customer-centric view of building agile solutions around budgets
  • In-country learning experts to assure the best possible engagement of learning content

Managing the Complexities

Global eLearning is on the forefront of the technologies in use within this industry. We understand that some tools are NOT localization friendly – even from the world’s largest tool/software providers. Technology developers struggle with languages incorporating double diacritics, right-to-left languages, and often, with the factor of language expansion in translation. Global eLearning can take the hassle off of your design team and provide seamless integration of new language content in your authoring tool and/or LMS.

We are keenly focused on assisting our clients with learning outcomes. If multi-lingual training content is not working to the degree expected, we share in the data accumulation, diagnosis, and feedback review to determine how to improve the content so that goals are ultimately achieved.

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