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Our Localization Process

No other language service company has spent so much time engineering the process of eLearning localization as Global eLearning. Our unique Authentic Localization™ process is designed to drive down costs, create efficiencies in turnaround, and increase user engagement – concepts we found to be lacking in most localization efforts.

gears with business terms on them
There are many facets to our localization processes that set us apart:
  • In-country learning experts who know how to engage native learners.
  • The use of professional linguists who have ample subject matter expertise in the terminology and substance of the content to make it relevant and culturally engaging.
  • Experienced specialists in video editing, voice recordings, synchronization, and multimedia engineering
  • A linguistic sign-off process that has an in-country linguist review the entire content to assure it is a professional product.
  • Engineers who can assist our clients with integration of new language content into LMS platforms and assure functionality.

Purpose of ISO 9001:2015 Certification

All of this is captured in our ISO 9001:2015 quality assurance program that assures a 7-step quality control process is applied to every project. Our goal is “right first time” on every delivery – not perfect yet, but our ISO 9001 meetings press toward this outcome with every new process improvement.

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