Test and Certification Delivery System

Our preferred system is an online platform that incorporates 25 years of development and exhibits an excellent combination of reliability and functionality for clients and users.

  • Bandwidth. Particularly robust to assure access from international candidates/members
  • Reliability. > 99% by incorporating self-adjusting technology for any breaks in internet service
  • Volume Capability. Can manage over 2,000 concurrent connections
  • Test Authoring and Item Banks. Test program can be built and available within one week
  • Admin Tools. A set of tools for candidates; and a set for proctors
  • Reporting. Client specific reports can be created
  • Multiple Question Types? Absolutely
  • Item Analysis. Pyschometric tools are available to review quality of question/answers

The platform is unique in its redundancy and incredible reliability. If you have the time, we would love to explain all of the reasons why Global eLearning should be your platform for Tests and Certifications.

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