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Innovating eLearning Localization

Authentic Localization™ is the term Global eLearning created to describe the platform and processes that provide comprehensive localization services with the end user, the end message, and the end goal in mind. Download our guide to learn more today!

Innovating eLearning Localization

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Innovating eLearning Localization

Great companies are committed to continual learning and encourage innovation and excellence. There is often a plethora of content designed to educate and engage the people that interact within the organization. But, how can a company transfer this content so that it has similar meaning and outcomes in other cultures? In this free guide, we explore that challenge and offer solutions that can improve outcomes

Download your free guide to Innovating eLearning Localization and you’ll learn about the 5 concepts that influence the Authentic Localization process. You will understand how knowledge is localized within an outcome-driven development process to improve the localization of content.

Furthermore, we’ll highlight 7 key differentiators that your Language Service Provider (LSP) should be offering. Download your free guide today to ensure that your company’s training and eLearning initiatives are innovative and effective!

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