Global eLearning – Authentic Localization™?

Download this free infographic to learn more about Authentic Localization™ and the 8 steps that must be included in the localization process to make it Authentic!  This easy-to-read visual provides you a clear understanding of the key areas your Language Service Provider should be offering.

What is Authentic Localization™?

The term ‘elearning’ was first used in 1999 at a CBT Systems seminar in Los Angeles to describe, at the time, a new way to learn.  The evolution of this industry has rapidly evolved with new technologies and platforms designed to accelerate the learning process. Many organizations are challenged to disseminate timely information to their workforce, strategic partners, and branches in other parts of the world.  The demand to ‘localize’ elearning content has increased.   For example, a company headquartered in the U.S. may want to show a corporate orientation video to all new hires in their Japan location.  The end goal is to ensure that the corporate mission and culture are disseminated to all new employees.  However, the original message created in the U.S. may have very different meaning when translated to the new culture.

Authentic Localization™ is the term created by Global eLearning to describe a complex process that begins with the end in mind and provides an innovative, outcome driven approach.  This new approach to localization helps to ensure the target audience will understand the message as intended and in a way that most closely aligns with the native message.  Download this free guide now to read more about Authentic Localization™.

Improve outcomes and increase engagement by evaluating whether your localization efforts are authentic or so-so.  Download the Authentic Localization™ infographic today!

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