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Leo Brenninkmeyer

Leo Brenninkmeyer

Founder, Chairman


  • 30 Years of Global Communication and Learning/Training Experience with Fortune 500 companies.
  • 5 Languages and experience in 22 countries.
  • Involved with the training of over 22,000 people
Why I Love My Job

The sheer challenge and variety of global communications needs within the multi-media world of eLearning is what gives me a jolt every day. It’s energizing and never the same. I get to work with amazing talent across the globe and serve inspiring clients who invest in their global talent pool through Training.

What I Do Extra for Clients

Making it easy as well as good. Our clients are busy spinning many plates. My goal is to make their day better by being easy to work with and by delivering projects on time and without fuss. Put a smile on their faces.

Community and Global Service I Respect

Currently, the International Justice Mission is one that fascinates me. Reducing the abuse of women and children across the world in tough areas is inspiring.

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