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Annapolis, MD – A well respected global soft skills training company has chosen Global eLearning as their trusted partner. Global eLearning designed a detailed plan of action to meet tight turnaround times of complex courses. For this elearning localization contract award, Global eLearning will be translating/transcreating, providing voiceover, on-screen text and engineering of a total of 252 courses into Japanese, German and Simplified Chinese. Global eLearning will deliver localized courses uploaded to the customer’s custom LMS ready for use.  elearning localization contract

“Translations of this type of content are even more critical now that the global workforce is primarily remote,” said Matt Patterson, Global eLearning’s Vice President of Global Sales. “Helping to keep the workforce going by translating learning material into other languages is one small contribution we are extremely pleased to be making.  It is truly an honor to be a trusted localization partner of a world renowned training company that affects the lives of people across the globe.”  This elearning localization contract award demonstrates Global eLearning’s capabilities as a trusted partner for localization services to corporations who need to reach a global audience.

About Global eLearning:  Global eLearning is the premiere provider of translation and localization services to the Learning and Development Industry. Organizations who believe their L&D/training products can drive global revenue and operational results choose us as their global expansion partner. Our flagship service is turnkey localization of L&D content. In this space, no other language company can match our superior package of authentic localization, superb quality, right first-time approach, and the industry’s fastest turnaround time. Turnkey means we do it all – audio transcription, text and script translation, studio-quality voice-over, expert engineering for synchronizing audio, video, special effects, and then localization of graphics, photos, idioms, and desired emotional responses.