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Medical Document Translation Services on a Global Scale

For over two centuries, America has shone brightly as a “beacon on a hill,” giving hope to anyone who has ever dreamt of a better life. We are a country founded as a melting pot of cultures. While we are still very much a melting pot, other countries around the world have experienced their own influx of immigrants, bringing with them new customs, traditions, and languages. New languages introduce new communication barriers requiring new solutions.

The need for translation services isn’t unique to any single locale but has rapidly become a global issue. And there is perhaps no industry where these translation services are needed more urgently than medical care. Not to be overly dramatic, but accurate medical translation services from a company such as Global eLearning could very well be the difference between life and death. Our language experts specialize in medical record translation services for hospitals, pharmacies, and other medical providers.

Medical Translations: Making Sense of Medical Jargon

There are two professional fields where a unique language shared by practitioners serves as a buffer between experts and the laypeople they serve: law and medicine. Legalese is recognizable as overly wordy, incorporating complicated sentence structures and introducing obscure vocabulary. In a similar vein, medical terminology is often littered with terms, phrases, and concepts – jargon – that is unclear to anyone this side of a medical degree.

Communication with medical jargon is difficult to understand, even if the service provider and the patient speak the same language fluently. For example, there are often communication gaps between English-speaking doctors and English-speaking patients. What then do we expect between an English-speaking doctor and a Korean-speaking patient? Without a robust plan for medical translation services, treatment falling short of its intention is inevitable. We must do better.

Global Healthcare Providers and Leadership Must Do Better

Indeed, we must do better. Yet we haven’t, and there seems to be very little on the horizon regarding statutory requirements of medical service providers reaching people in their native languages. In fact, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has stated they don’t have any plans to develop mandates for prescriptions in other languages yet because they are still struggling with mandating them in English. That’s not exactly a resounding vote of confidence in the country’s leadership and healthcare providers.

How Our Medical Translation Services Can Help You Do Better

As a language translation services specialist, Global eLearning can help with professional medical document and record translation services. We help pharmacies create word (or term) banks that help them deliver prescription instructions in needed languages. We help hospitals and other care providers create patient messaging in the languages they need. We can localize continuing education, training, and development programs for medical professionals around the world. We love to help others learn to communicate more effectively – it’s our passion. We have the experience and technical expertise to partner and connect with care providers who need medical translations. Accurate, reliable medical translation services can help increase the chances for positive patient outcomes, so everyone wins.

It’s Better to Be Proactive Than Reactive With Healthcare

Don’t wait until a breakdown in communication happens, and you find yourself scrambling for solutions. Medical professionals and care providers should sit down with their leadership teams and develop a way to incorporate language translation services into their regular care plan. Taking a proactive approach, understanding current language barriers and anticipating future developments, will go a long way to help medical care professionals deliver the best service possible. Some of the benefits of taking a proactive approach with medical translation services include:

  • Building trust between the patient and professional staff
  • Incorporating new languages smoothly maintains the expected level of care
  • Reducing costs by eliminating the need for emergency translations, scrambling to find available translators on short notice
  • Building a dynamic bank of language resources that can be expanded as needs evolve
  • Delivering even more positive outcomes through clear and understandable communication

Partner With Global eLearning for Medical Translations Today

As a company that experiences empathy by stepping into others’ experiences, we can’t think of many more frustrating and upsetting circumstances than trying to navigate your healthcare and being unable to communicate clearly with your provider. And yet, this seems to be far too common among patients. However, you can improve this negative patient experience with Global eLearning’s medical document translation services. Please get in touch with us to learn more about how we can help you make much-needed improvements in how you interact with your patients. We hope to hear from you soon