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An Innovative Approach to Localization

When many organizations decide to tackle the immense opportunities of localized content, they often have very clear objectives in mind. But, localization can be complex and mistakes are commonplace. Even major corporations like Coca Cola and Yum Brands (KFC, Taco Bell, et al) have had their share of embarrassing mistakes when it comes to marketing their products globally. But, whether you are a major corporation or a medium-sized company with a global presence, it is important to localize global content effectively and in a way that is driven towards desired outcomes. In this article, we’ll discuss how you can approach localization with a valued partner.

Training Needs Vary Throughout the Organization

If you’re a Global Operations Director or responsible for some level of corporate operations, your localization efforts are likely driven by the need to train a global workforce and increase efficiencies and/or enhancing safety performance. Regulatory agencies (oversight) may also play into your localization strategies. On the other hand, Global Sales Vice Presidents are usually seeking behavior modifications from their sales team or their target audience that will lead to increased global sales and better marketing results. CFOs, HR Directors, and L&D Directors may be seeking information dissemination for the sake of compliance or best practices. In any case, it is your localization partner’s responsibility to understand the underlying goal, message, and budget for your content. A great localization partner, like Global eLearning, will provide strategic engagement recommendations with the aim of accomplishing real objectives within the specific outcome hoped for.

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Outcome Driven

When a localization project is identified, there are multiple ways to accomplish the localization task. Many organizations think of the project as a pure translation play and even consider machine translation software or other automated routes. And, while this may provide a quick turnaround, there is basically no probability of capturing the true original message or having an audience that considers the content evenly remotely engaging. In the absence of quality control measures at every stage of the process, the expected results cannot be achieved. Many localization vendors offer localization of text, speech, and video components, but they never even ask what results you are really looking for. So, before any effort begins, we always work to understand:

  • the intent of your message,
  • the profile of your intended target audience,
  • the expected transfer of knowledge through first exposure,
  • the expected long-term retention of key/critical concepts,
  • and finally, the desired budget for your project

This ‘begin with the end in mind’ process is unique to Global eLearning and a true differentiator in the industry. These factors are crucial to ensuring the project is carried out in the most efficient and productive way possible. In addition, the Authentic Localization℠ process provides clients with a much higher rate of satisfaction in their localized text, voice, film, and engineered end product.

At Global eLearning, we also understand that if the content is desired to modify behavior (i.e. embrace new processes or practices, inspire new methodologies, develop interactive relationships, etc.), the content must involve top-notch engagement with the audience and a culturally relevant style of presentation.

Find out more about Authentic Localization today! Learn why Global eLearning is a rising innovator in the eLearning industry. Let us be your localization partner!

Matt Patterson

Matt Patterson