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In response to the COVID-19 crisis, here is how Global eLearning is responding and adapting to meet client and employee needs.   First let me say that we are grateful to be an adaptive organization.  As such, Global eLearning, and our parent company, Compass Languages will remain fully operational and ready to do our part in response to this pandemic.
As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, we have developed a COVID-19 remote working policy. We have since mandated that all employees now work remotely. Since many of our staff were remote already, the transition was smooth, and no business was/will be interrupted. We are continually monitoring our team’s needs and supporting them with medical/parental leave, when necessary, and will continue to do so as COVID-19 evolves.
We have made a promise to our clients – that we are working at 100% capacity with no interruption of service. With our extensive experience in remote work, we can assure you that our customer service will remain at the highest level, our sales and production personnel will continually make sure your needs are met and do whatever we can to help take off some of the burden caused by COVID-19. We promise this will not detract from our ability to deliver world-class language services.
Our contribution to a global crisis is to be diligent, responsive, and dependable when our customers need it the most!
Stay safe!