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The 2021 Thought Leader Series, hosted by Gary Schulties and Matt Patterson of Global eLearning, brings you thoughtful conversations surrounding the dramatically changing world of eLearning, Learning & Development, and the technologies that further enhance these initiatives. For the fourth discussion in the series,  Gilbert Segura, Chief Technology Officer at Global eLearning discusses technology, techniques, and processes to mitigate localization costs for global projects.

Chief Technology Officer at Global eLearning

Segura has held the title of Chief Technology Officer for four years at Compass Languages and Global eLearning. In this discussion, he notes, “On the surface, language companies find translators, interpreters, graphic designers, and voice actors to convert text, images, and audio content into another language. Global companies can use technology to leverage information and materials to get more done with less.” Global eLearning’s localization and eLearning team of linguists, project managers, and L&D professionals are able to help customers accomplish more by implementing specialized strategies. With the use of technology, Global eLearning can process large amounts of bulk content in a seamless, efficient manner. This also helps clients standardize material and optimize methods and processes.

Approach and Production

Global eLearning has built a reputation for managing complex multi-media projects with accuracy and speed. Every technology approach requires a different set of tools. Global eLearning ‘s innovative approach utilizes multiple technologies coupled with some reverse engineering, creativity, and experimenting. This approach requires agility with a focus on the client deliverables.  After all, localization must be done accurately to effectively to deliver content globally.  Gilbert notes that, as the CTO, his team must constantly evaluate new and emerging technology, techniques, and processes.

The 2021 Global eLearning Thought Leader Series provides discussions from industry experts and thought leaders, from around the globe, who are shaping the future of Learning & Development and localizing content for a global audience. To learn more about technology, techniques, and processes for global corporate learning projects, visit our YouTube channel!  For more details, contact Global eLearning.