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Throughout the 2021 Thought Leader Series, hosted by Gary Schulties and Matt Patterson of Global eLearning, we bring you thoughtful conversations surrounding the dramatically changing world of eLearning, Learning & Development, and the technologies that further enhance these initiatives. For the third discussion in the series, Volker Kunze, Team Lead Digital Solutions at Additive Minds Academy, discusses eLearning trends for the decade of the 20’s.

Additive Minds Academy

Volker begins his discussion with a summary of his position within the Additive Minds Academy. The Additive Minds Academy by EOS is the one-stop solution provider in Metal and Polymer Additive Manufacturing Solutions to accelerate success. Their mission is “to build up and transfer additive manufacturing knowledge so people can start forming a sustainable and human future.” Volker explains how knowledge and technology can bring about disruption, change, and learning.

Three eLearning Trends

There are three main eLearning trends. The first one is digital transformation and digital learning. According to Volker Kunze, new technologies will customize the place, speed, and intensity of education. People are becoming more able to learn from anywhere, at any time. Therefore, companies must be able to engage in collaborative knowledge generation. The second eLearning trend that Volker discusses is immersive learning and new possibilities. New technologies allow us to learn with live data and feedback in sustainable learning environments while overcoming time zone and accessibility limitations. The third eLearning trend is artificial intelligence and adaptive learning. Volker explains how AI will complete logic-based tasks, allowing humans to focus on more creative work.

Learning & Training

Volker discusses various training approaches where the Additive Mind Academy embraces technology and incorporates it into solutions. We see this progression of basic classroom training into remote training, video-based training, web-based training, and ultimately XR and AI-based training. Digitalization shapes new paths for the learning and development industry.

The Global eLearning 2021 Thought Leader Series provides you discussions from industry experts and thought leaders from around the globe who are shaping the future of Learning & Development content for a global audience. For more information on eLearning trends for the decades of the 20’s, you can contact Volker Kunze or Visit our YouTube Channel for the entire Thought Leader Series!