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We all have felt it before, the “wow” when we click on the first page of a website that has stimulating visual design and motion graphics. Think about it – How much more emotion does a YouTube music video stir up, with a beautiful video playing, then a simple still image or photo? Just look at the views on music videos done by Vevo™ compared to the motionless “lyric video.” Our expectations then should be similar to eLearning content. We want to create an engaging elearning experience with visuals. A still, slow-moving eLearning module is never going to be as engaging and stimulating as eLearning visuals in a module with visual design.

While working with visual design for eLearning can be more complex, the return on investment is seen and experienced almost instantaneously. An engaging eLearning experience uses visual design, graphic design, and user interface design to help elevate the instructional design and learning experience. After spending hours developing a course with visual graphics, do you really want to compromise these qualities when translating the course into the 13 different languages?

Does your Language Service Provider (LSP) translate and localize your content? Is your LSP positively or negatively altering your eLearning module? Or, has your Language Service Provider (LSP) left it up to you to recreate your module in Storyline 360 after simply translating the eLearning modules script word for word? If your LSP is not familiar with your authoring tool, you may be settling for a lesser quality eLearning module.

At Global eLearning, we understand elearning visuals and how these visual elements, within an eLearning module, can be a big difference maker! With learning experts in over 350+ different languages and cultures, we consider how the motion graphics are going to be viewed and received by the target audience. This is an important step in the process. Global eLearning’s learning experts will consult with you on adjustments to your course, guiding you into how to localize your content so that it will be understood well by your global audience. For example, offensive graphics—or ideas that are only known in the host language, can ruin the engagement you have with your viewers. We will work to make sure the learning content you create is completely understood in the host culture and language. The working source file we deliver to you includes everything that your source file included but in a way that the target audience will digest and engage with the content for optimal outcomes.

Five years ago, Global eLearning saw the gap between translation and localization, specifically within the learning and development industry. We are experts at eLearning visuals and Learning in any language. That’s what we do. Let us work with you to create a solution revolving around your global communication challenges.

Jacob Martinez

Jacob Martinez